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Whether you are recovering from an injury, trying out alternative methods to enhance or maintain your health or are seeking the answers to life's greater questions, the ancient art-science of yoga can provide you with a framework for reaching your goals.
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Don't fix it. Transcend it.

You could have gone to a doctor to get a pill for your pain. But you don't want to rely on medication. You don't want to just 'fix' your pain, you want to understand it and transcend it. You don't want to just get better - you want to thrive. And you already understand that the body is not simply a piece of meat to manipulate with drugs, It is a complex of layered systems, and you want to know how to influence all of it toward positive and lasting change. You want to become all of what you are meant to be.

  • Pain relief through movement

    Therapeutic yoga is balanced and adaptable to every body type. But contrary to the popular image of yoga in the west, this is just the beginning of your practice. Postures are sequenced for the purpose of deepening and expanding your breath which stabilizes the nervous system in addition to correcting the maladaptive movement patterns which lead to your physical pain..

  • Find balance through breathing practices

    Your breath is the key to your physiology and your mind. Movement coordinated with breath influences every system in your physiology. Specific breathing practices, tailored to your specific constitution, can lift you out of depression or calm anxiety, and create a sense of real peace and clarity of mind.

  • Take charge of your life-path through meditation

    Have you tried meditation and feel you're just not good at it? It's because you've missed the first two steps. When you have a balanced physical and tailored breathing practice, a quiet mind follows naturally. Meditation/prayer are the main vehicle for positive lasting change.

  • Integrated practice

    Yoga therapy combines these three essential ingredients into therapy which fits your goals and your lifestyle.

Our Therapists

Samantha L. Leonard
Founder, E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist
Specializing in traumatic or chronic illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD and stress reduction.
Sari Weston
Manager, The Bindu ERYT 200


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